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I  got this on another list I'm on. 
I used to work at an animal shelter a while ago - and this guy's
question intrigued me - 
how WOULD you demonstrate to your government the human impact of the
homeless animal problem? 
On a map, I mean? How would you display that? 
I post this here in case any of you have done a similar project that you
could share with this guy, 
or if you can think of a solution and wish to help him out. 
(I put his address on this post, too - and his contact information is
below his letter, in case you wish to contact him directly.)
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		Hello ESRIGISsters,
		I live in southern Chile (Punta Arenas) and volunteer
with a local animal shelter (La Protectora Punta Arenas  Stray dogs (cats too) are a big problem
and affect all aspects of life here but no governmental entity wants to
take charge. Areas such as tourism, health, wildlife, agriculture, etc.
People like me love animals and hate to see neglect (tourist).  Then of
course there are the dog bites, poop, spread of garbage, wildlife and
domestic animal loses, looks bad, etc.
		We have never been able to convince environmental,
tourist or government entities that they are too affected, not just us
animal lover types.  I have brought up the subject with local as well as
international (no names mentioned) environmental groups working in the
area but just get a glazed look response. I would like to develop a GIS
map project to display this problem.  Some money may be available for
something like this from the government.  Maps, high tech studies they
love. Money for education, spay/neuter is much too simple!
		This is not related to cruelty but more apathy.  Maps
always spark interest.
		This type of data is time consuming, but I have all the
other available GIS data (county parcel, streets, census, etc, etc).
		Any other experience in this area out there?
		                  Bruce D. Willett
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