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I am having a difficult time finding the most efficient way to delete
base data feature classes in SDE.  I have several feature classes in
four separate counties that need to be replaced/updated in our sde
geodatabase.  This includes roads, parcels, building footprints, etc.  I
have considered deleting all records in each feature class and loading
data but would not like to be restricted to the existing field names or
schema.  If possible, I would like to completely delete base data
feature classes in the sde and import new feature classes.  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.




1.       Reconcile/post all versions to default

2.       Compress the Connection to sde in Catelog - Connection to sde

3.       In catalog, connect to the default 

4.       Highlight the feature dataset with the feature class to be

5.       'Unregister as versioned' the feature dataset 

6.       Delete feature class. 

7.       'Register as versioned' the default feature data set.


If you get any 'locked' messages stop/start the server.


Thanks to all.


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