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Introduction to Geographic
Information Systems (GIS) for
Coastal & Marine Applications
18-20 June 2008
At the FSU Coastal & Marine Lab
Designed to provide basic GIS technology & use
In this three-day course-geared for those with little or no previous GIS
participants will learn how to use GIS to address coastal and
environmental issues
relevant to their jobs or research. Sessions consist of lectures on
theories, methods, and
techniques in geographic information systems and hands-on activities
involving use of
ESRI's ARCGIS software for:
*Environmental data acquisition and management
*Environmental data integration and analysis
*Visualizing environmental data
Fee: $295. Includes instruction, complimentary copy of
ESRI's ARCGIS software (one year trial license), onsite
dormitory style accommodations, continental breakfasts, and
snacks. Payment is due at registration. Cancellation after
June 10 results in a $50 charge.
Dr. Xiaojun Yang (xyang at, Florida State University,
Department of Geography
The instructor uses GIS in both applied and research settings that
involve studies of large-scale changes in the coastal and marine
systems of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico,and the Bohai Sea, China.
Sharon Thoman
sthoman at
(850) 697-4120 to register
Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory
3618 Highway 98, St. Teresa, FL 32358-2702


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