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Thanks for all the good suggestions and input it helped narrow the focus
of my search based on the intended use, which is kind of complicated. 


Through all of this I have further defined the needed specs, which
include direct USB connectivity (can't use Bluetooth), capability of
providing snapshots of current GPS locations without secondary software
(street map type stuff) and without the messy cables.


It is to be used in an open air environment so there is no concern about
interference from vehicle structures. I have found 2 that seem to fit
this bill:


The Deluo NavStick:
average price of $65-80, pretty basic, small and without a much other


The US GloablSat DG-100 GPS Data Logger: average price
of $70, a lot more functionality, bigger and ugly as sin.


Has anyone had any experiences with these or other products from the


I would sincerely appreciate any feedback concerning these devices. 


Keith Sandell

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I'm looking for a compact USB enabled GPS receiver for a laptop. Most of
the products I have been able to find have been for laptop/vehicle
setups with 6 foot cables.


An oversimplification of what I want to find it essentially an antenna
sticking out of a USB port, or similar.


Any experiences with this type of device integrated with ArcGIS would
also be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for any responses.



Keith Sandell

Correctional Services Assistant Consultant

Bureau of Probation & Parole Field Services

Florida Department of Corrections


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