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It depends on what tools you have available to you.  Here are some
options that vary by tools


ArcGIS Desktop Alone

You can convert it to a jpg and then Georeference it. Then just heads-up
digitize layers you need or  use jpg as a backdrop for new data.


ArcGIS Desktop with ArcScan Extension

Same as above except use the ArcScan Extension to perform a raster to
vector conversion


ArcGIS Desktop and Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Convert  PDF to AI file in Photoshop and then convert AI file to DXF
file in Illustrator. Bring DXF file into ArcGIS and convert to shapefile
or Geodatabase


I am sure there are other ways as well using other tools but these are a
few ideas I came up with off the cuff. 


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I have a basic PDF map (8-1/2 x 11) that I want to get into ArcGIS to do
some analysis. Besides hand digitizing, does anyone know of an "elegant"
way to do this?



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