shrug-l: AutoCAD Civil 3D to Feature Class

Holli Brandt Holli.Brandt at Seattle.Gov
Wed Jun 18 17:15:13 EDT 2008

Hello Everyone -
We soon may need to bring a bunch of DWG data from AutoCAD Civil 3D eventually into our Feature Classes.  We have ESRI's Data Interoperability extension in order to bring the data in but also are considering other options.  From what I understand is that Civil 3D does contain a world file and in theory will display in the correct location within ArcMap.  
I just thought I would poll the group to see if anyone has had a similar experience and can offer some tips and tricks/advice on the subject.
Thanks - Holli 
Holli M. Brandt
DWW GIS Data Maintenance Lead
Seattle Public Utilities
Information Technology Division
Holli.Brandt at Seattle.Gov 
(206) 684-8533 
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