shrug-l: Request-- Land Cover and Habitat Data for the Cooperative Land Cover Map

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Mon Sep 15 09:45:14 EDT 2008

Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) and the Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission (FWC) are gathering information on land cover,
habitat, or other natural community GIS data for a statewide Cooperative
Land Cover Map.  


Although we are familiar with statewide efforts such as the 2003
Landsat-based Florida Vegetation and Land Cover from FWC and the Land
Use/Land Cover (FLUCCS) data from the water management districts & DEP, we
are aware that there are local and regional mapping projects that could
inform a statewide map.  We are also interested in efforts (statewide or
local) to map a single habitat type or efforts that focus on a sector such
as the forest industry.


The Cooperative Land Cover Map project is intended to produce a statewide
land cover map that is informed by best available data.  It's primary use
will likely be in statewide conservation planning analyses.  


How the data sources will be used has yet to be determined but we would
abide by any use agreements placed on the data.  


If you are familiar with any relevant GIS data or would like more
information on this project please contact Amy Knight at FNAI.

Thanks for your help- 




Amy Knight

GIS Coordinator

Florida Natural Areas Inventory

Florida State University

850-224-8207, ext. 214


Tracking Florida's Biodiversity


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