shrug-l: Re: Problem using the SetNull function in ArcGIS9.2

Greg Mauldin MauldinG at
Wed Feb 11 14:43:28 EST 2009

Hi Shruggies,
Thanks for all the great responses. Leslie Jacobs (Hillsborough County Public Works) solved my problem with the SetNull function. She pointed me to an entry in the online help that states that if all cells in the mask grid are a single value then all the cell of the output grid will be zero: 
My mask grid had cells equal to 1 and cells equal to NoData. The setnull function does not recognize the nodata cells as a different value. I changed the nodata cells to a value different from 1 and reran it with success.
Thanks also go out to several other folks who proposed other work-arounds, all of which would work as well.
Thanks, Greg
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