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Keck & Wood has scheduled a series of GIS classes at our Corporate Office in Duluth, Georgia. The classes are for a range of experience levels from beginner to intermediate and include ArcGIS Desktop I: Getting to Know GIS, ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools & Functionality; and ArcGIS Desktop III: Workflows & Analysis. Details about the classes are below.

ArcGIS Desktop I: Getting to Know GIS
Date: April 23-24, 2009
Location: Keck & Wood, Inc. in Duluth Georgia
Cost: $850.00 per student
Level: Beginner
Class Description: This two-day course is for those with little to no GIS experience and provides the foundation for understanding GIS, what it can do, and how others are using it.  This class is great for those just getting started in GIS or those that have to work with GIS practioners and need a general overview of GIS and terminology. 
Students learn the basic functions of a GIS, why a GIS database is powerful, common GIS terms and what coordinate systems are and why they are important.  In course exercises, students work with ArcMap, an application within ArcGIS Desktop, to visualize geographic data, create maps, query a GIS database, perform spatial analysis using common analysis tools, and solve geographic problems using a systematic approach.  This course teaches the skills and knowledge needed to take other ArcGIS Desktop courses. 

ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools & Functionality
Date: May 4-6, 2009
Location: Keck & Wood, Inc. in Duluth Georgia 
Cost: $1,325.00 per student 
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Class Description: This three-day course teaches the range of functionality available in ESRI's ArcGIS desktop software and the essential tools for visualizing, creating, managing, and analyzing geographic data.  This class is for those that already have some understanding of and experience with GIS. 
This hands-on course uses exercises to emphasize practice with ArcMap and ArcCatalog (the primary applications included with ArcGIS Desktop software) to perform common GIS tasks and workflows.  The tools for creating and managing geographic data, displaying data on maps in different ways, and combining and analyzing data to discover patterns and relationships are highlighted, and students learn how ArcGIS Desktop provides a complete GIS software solution.  By the end of the course, students will be prepared to start working with the software on their own. 

ArcGIS Desktop III: Workflows & Analysis
Date: May 7-8, 2009
Location: Keck & Wood, Inc. in Duluth Georgia 
Cost: $850.00 per student 
Level: Intermediate
Class Description: This two-day course builds on the skills learned in the ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools & Functionality course.  It shows students how to apply ArcGIS tools in a workflow context with a focus on working with data stored in a geodatabase, introduces data validation through the use of topologies, domains and subtypes and performing geoprocessing and analysis. This class is for those that are looking to move beyond making simple maps and that want to start learning how to use the analysis tools in ArcGIS.  
In the course exercises, you organize and edit data, prepare data for analysis, create and edit geoprocessing models using ModelBuilder, and work through a challenging analysis project.
To register or if you have any questions please contact us at gistraining at These classes are accepted by many states and organizations for CEU or PDH credits. Discounts are available if you sign up for multiple classes or for organizations that set two or more students. 

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