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Hey everyone,


Quick turn around on that, thanks! The suggestions were:


-          To use one of the many different options available for free
download at
<>  - many recommendations for
this site

-          Import the table into an access db and use the find
duplicates query

-          Use dissolve tool or summarize column on the attribute table
to identify the duplicates

-          For those you with SAS you can use LAG statements

-          Right-click the attribute field and Summarize, then add the
new table to the map and sort descending to quickly locate the

-          Summarize the field, sort descending and then query on the


Personally I like the quick and dirty methods for getting my "right-now"
solution, but I am going to be looking at the other suggestions as time
allows to find a permanent solution for this ongoing issue.


In keeping with the quick and dirty I decided to summarize the field in
Map, added the new table and then joined the summary table to the
original using that same field and sorted the Cnt_ID descending to bring
the wayward records to the top to bring my search and destroy mission to
a close just as quickly as it began.


Thank you for all the great suggestions. Ya'll are a great group of


Keith Sandell, MBA

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Hey Shruggers,


Does anyone out there know how to easily identify duplicate records in a
table or feature class based on an attribute? I've seen a hand full of
ArcScripts on ESRI's support site, but have not had any luck getting
them installed/working. I have a table with about 14,000 records that I
need to "look" through for just a small number of duplicates that I know


I don't want to outright delete them, but find them so I can decide what
action is most appropriate.




Keith Sandell, MBA

Correctional Services Assistant Consultant

Bureau of Probation and Parole Field Services

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Florida Department of Corrections

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Phone: (850) 410-3045

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