shrug-l: GPS-Denied Geolocation and Navigation

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This technology is call APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System). I've seen
several small scale radio/gps receivers made by Motorola for this.  I'm sure
there are other solutions out there as well. I've built a few OpenTracker+
radio modems from kit to do this as well, but this is more of a hobby
(Hamradio) then a commercial thing.


Eric Hancock



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Hey Shruggers,


Anybody out there have experience with or know of any purpose built tracking
products that locate and transmit "GPS" coordinates?


I'm looking for small, light-weight devices that a user can wear that
continuously transmits their location via radio frequency, without
interaction from the user, that can be integrated with a GIS for near
real-time data modeling.


Thanks for any thoughts.


Keith Sandell

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