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Condition is awful subjective...

You may want to consider adding to it a more objective values:
1. Tripping Hazard Height (which is a measure of the height difference from
one side of a crack/slab to another, or even an object within the sidewalk
[water value for example]).
2. A value for excessive slopes (especially at intersections...)
3. Sign & tree intrusions (very dangers for bikes that use the sidewalk)

These could possibly added as a point layer which is simply hazard type &

there are a number of items one should look at to meet handicap standards.


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Hi all,
I am getting ready to conduct a sidewalk inventory for our city.  We want to
identify and map out the entire city showing where sidewalks are and are
not, the condition of existing sidewalks and length.  I plan to have the
following fields in my table:
Street, Block, Condition (not present, needs improving, or good), and
Length.  I might also document width, but since for the most part we have
constructed sidewalks at a standard width that may not be as important.
So my question to those of you who have conducted sidewalk mapping before
can you suggest any other fields I must have?  
Duane "JT" Treadon
City of Thomasville
111 Victoria Pl.
Thomasville, GA 31792

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