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Andrasek, Shereen (DP&Z) andrase at
Fri Sep 4 11:11:15 EDT 2009

Hello Fellow GISers,

I have never been able to open any colleague's mxd.  I had accepted this
as the status quo until Janis Paulsen sent out a solution to her problem
with an attached mxd.  I was curious why she sent an mxd instead of a
pdf or jpg.  When I tried to open her mxd, I got the message saying "The
map document was saved using a newer version of ArcGIS".   Ok, that's
simple enough - different versions equals a compatibility issue.
However, she was able to open the mxd I sent her.  Assumption: Lower
versions can be opened with higher versions... maybe.  Hmmm, whenever I
try to open a colleague's mxd, I get the message: "Could not open the
specified document".  Why?  Janis thought that this may be a question
for SHRUG-L and I thought, why not.  Let's see what the collaborative
powers of the great minds of SHRUG GISers can come up with.


Thanks to all,


~~ Shereen 
Shereen Andrasek, Principal Planner
Miami-Dade County Department of Planning & Zoning
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