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Wed Sep 16 15:58:29 EDT 2009

Hey all, hope you are having a good week!


I need some information about locators and models and SDE. I'm not the
SDE admin, but in the county I used to work for I built a locator and
the admin posted it in SDE. That seemed to be the only way that it would
draw from SDE. Now I work for a different county, and I would like to
have the ability to share my locator on SDE. But even more important is
the model. I have a project that I am finishing, and when it does into
maintenance mode I will be running a pretty intricate model to keep it
current. But that means that the SDE admin would have to load it by hand
every time! I am wondering, since a locator can be posted on SDE, can a
model be posted on SDE and set to run once a week, using layers in SDE
for both input and output?  If it's possible, can someone point me to
instructions that I can give our SDE admin?


Thanks in advance!


Heather Halverstadt

GIS Analyst III

911 Administration

Government Center C-201

2725 Judge Fran Jamison Way

Viera, FL 32940-6602

(321) 690-6846


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