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Thu Sep 24 10:41:39 EDT 2009

ESRI has posted the new 9.3.1 compatible version of the Geodatabase Toolset (GDBT).  A while back there was some discussion about rallying ESRI to make this part of their core distribution.  I know we find it absolutely critical in our shop for both management, and application development.  It is a great bit of functionality that plugs into ArcCatalog and puts lots of useful information about the state of your geodatabase right at your fingertips.  Even if you don't have a versioned geodatabase, there is still much to be found in this extension.  You can see what users (and host computers) are currently connected to the database, what locks and lock types are present, the number of adds/deletes (in a versioned environment), plus a whole host of interesting index information.  If you have versioned edits, it has a very useful lineage diagram module.  Plus even better, it is FREE!!!

We've been running the 9.3.1 version for a few days now and outside of a couple of cosmetic issues, it's been running great.

Here is where you can get it:

ESRI would love to hear from you if you find this extension useful.  This extension is currently not supported by ESRI, but their geodatabase team works late (and on weekends) to continue to provide this great extension.  Let ESRI know if you think this should be part of the core platform:

Mark Welsh
GIS Applications Coordinator
Transportation Statistics Office, Florida Department of Transportation
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