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Fellow SHRUG members,

  I would like to thank everyone for your responses regarding my survey data issue.  I am an 'old' ArcInfo Unix workstation command line veteran (10 years worth)  and was pleased to get email from many of you with 'work around'/'more than one way to skin a cat' ways to get the job done!  I currently work in ArcMap 9.3.1 in what I call the gooey method/environment in which there are several ways, again, to do a process.

  Chris Moore, thank you for the thought regarding copying a projection file to that folder and naming it the same as the cad file (.prj)

   David Kelly - You are always a help.

  Tripp - I think I will email the CAD person for the surveyor a link to your web page you sent.  I found it very informative and I am sure Scott will as well.

Again, Thank you to All,


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