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Fri Aug 20 16:35:28 EDT 2010

Hey everybody,


Does anyone have a "genuine" prj file for WKID 102100?


All of ESRI's new ArcGIS Online services are using this. It is
supposedly the same under the hood as a couple others, but during a
recent conversation I had with someone at ESRI I was told that everyone
using their services should move to this "specific" prj.


I searched in vain in the system folders for a prj that notates in its
content that it is in fact 102100, but to no avail. 3857 and 102113, are
the "predecessors."


Call me crazy, but I like things to match. Add to that the fact that
ESRI has plastered this WKID all over its website with respect to web
apps and online services and one would think it could be easily found.


Or maybe it is just too late on Friday to be working this hard.


If it does exist and if you happen to have a copy burning a hole in your
pocket I'd surely appreciate it if you could send it my way.




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