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I think companies like NAVTEQ are one of the few companies that actually generate a lot of content. If you look at their job postings, they have Geographic Analysts that collect data, QC addresses and data mine from local contacts and governments. Remember, they also have a big market in collecting POIs (Points of Interest) to feed dashboard navigation devices. They are much bigger than just "GIS" data providers, but they do sell it to companies like ESRI. Commercially purchased data makes up some of ESRI's Street Map series of data. The "free" stuff you get on your disk is just a little older than what you buy with their premium package.

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I'm wondering where companies like NavTeq and TeleAtlas get their data for
street/road maps and geocoding.

I've heard that they do their own "fly over" with arial photography, but I
can't imagine how this would provide all the needed information, including
address/location correlation, street/road names, water bodies, parks,
schools, etc., i.e., all the things they put on their maps, as well as the
parcel boundaries and coordinates they use for locating an address.

It seems that they would need need to go around the country county-by-county
gathering all this information, but that would be a very big effort.

Would anyone on this list know where I could learn about this?


--Dan Schwartz

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