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Tue Mar 9 13:22:17 EST 2010

SHRUG Workshop 2010


The SHRUG 2010 Workshop Committee is planning a special event during this
year's workshop and needs your help to complete the task.  A link is
provided below that will take you to the SHRUG workshop website.  Clicking
the survey questions link will take you to a list of GIS/Geography
questions.  Please answer each question with the first thing that pops into
your head.  There are no right or wrong answers so there is no need to
research the questions.  If you don't have an answer leave it blank.  All
answers are anonymous (we only see answers, not who provided them) so don't
feel self conscious about providing a response.  The survey should take
approximately 5 minutes to complete.



Thank you for participating,


SHRUG Workshop Committee





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