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LightSquared blames 'legacy' GPS for interference

GPS interference

LightSquared, the company whose proposed mobile network has raised 
widespread concerns about interference with GPS signals, has 
responded to its critics with a report that said GPS receivers must 
do a better job of "rejecting" other signals. In the report, 
submitted to the Federal Communications Commission after five months 
of analysis, LightSquared acknowledged that its planned use of 
electromagnetic spectrum would "adversely affect a significant 
number" of "legacy GPS receivers." However, LightSquared disowned 
responsibility for the interference, arguing that the receivers' 
designs were the cause of the problem. "That LightSquared is trying 
to blame it all on the GPS community for following rules that 
LightSquared is now trying to change is unfathomable," said AOPA 
President Craig Fuller. "They are clutching at straws."

    The above is from the AOPA web site.

C. Henry Depew
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