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You have to export your joined tables out to another shapefile/Geodatabase file for you to be able to do an y analysis on the joined tables..... The join tables will stay attached in the ne shape file/feature class....

Hope this helps... sorry I am a little behind on reading my emails....

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I am a graduate student at FSU working on an analysis of an agricultural pest based on limiting biotic factors.  I am trying to create a surface of temperature using the Kriging function in Geostatistical Analyst.  I have a layer of weather station locations and a table of daily average temperatures for each weather station.  I have related the tables but when I go into Geostatistical Analysis the only fields listed are the fields in the layer file.  Is there any way to analyze data from related tables?  Or is there another way to do this?  I have no programming skills and am not really a statitics wizard either so unless someone wants to spend a lot of time helping me using R or anything but straight up ArcGIS may not be an option.  Also, I really want to know how to do this type of analysis not just have someone do it for me.  Thanks for any help I can get.

Sharon Scheel

Graduate Student


Department of Geography

Florida State University

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