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Also, another issue with the query layers. May seem like a lot of
issues, but like others things when they are new...


Anyone who has permission to look at a table will be able to access the
data from SQL as a query layer. In the dialog box to create the query
layer it will show the native DB schema that was used to create the


Users who have permission to view the schema can add the data to their
map, but when they do ArcMap will dynamically change the schema to match
the windows authentication user id, i.e. it will change .dbo. to
.ksandell. .


Under these circumstances local resources can use the query layer, i.e.
the map document, but this user will not be able to publish the mxd/msd
using their credentials. Only the account that has the origin schema can
create and publish the mxd/msd with the query layer, trying otherwise
will generate an error.


ESRI was asked about this and they provided that this is by design.


Also, the query layer is a quick and dirty way to get spatial data out
of spatial databases, just right click and export like you would
normally and it will write it to a shapefile or feature class.


The real trick is getting the data into SQL (or other spatial DBs) in
the first place, but you'll have to click here
<>  to learn more about that at a
later date.


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