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Joel the dash keys too.  I sent it to her.  

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On that OS, uninstall never worked. two approaches.
1) Best, cleanest.  Do a Factory hard reset.  See support documentation - its a 3 button style "format".  We recommend for any GPS older than 2 years, and will clean house, returning the device to out of box. will have to re-install all programs, make your Today changes, but its the best.

2) More cumbersome, not as clean, but if you have to keep things same...
1) Using explorer, clean out my documents/ terrasync (this removes your DDFs!).  Remove any other instance of terrasync shortcuts, and the common files.  Then Do a Hard Reset - Power button hold.  Hold for 15 seconds until screen goes totally black.  Pop back on.  Reinstall.
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I have a very elementary question. I am trying to update our TerraSync software from 3.01 to 4.12 on a 2005 GeoXH but can t get the old version to uninstall.

I went to
        Remove program
And uninstalled the old version of Terra Sync. The option shows no programs now, but TerraSync is still operating on the machine

Trimble s instructions are to got to

Programs/services and click
Add/remove programs, if add remove programs doesn t show I should press  more  to turn it on,  don t see  more  .

What am I doing wrong?


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