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This really doesn't make a difference, but I meant 'hide' and 'false',
not 'show' and 'true'.  Oops. Well, Those don't work either J


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Hi everyone,


I am attempting to create a toolbox script using python and I'd like to
have some of the parameters hidden until they are needed. I thought it
would be something like


 self.params[x].display = hide


self.params[x].show = false


... but it doesn't seem as if there are any methods like this that will
work. I've researched it to no avail and I'm wondering if it's even
possible. There is not a stated method for display, show, or hide; just
enable/disable (which is not what I'm looking for), but I was hoping
someone had come up with a way to do this. Has anyone had any experience
with showing/hiding parameters? 





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