shrug-l: Any suggestions --- Reversing ArcMap editing from 10 to 9.x?

Tan, Yurong (OIG) Yurong.tan at
Thu Jul 28 10:10:10 EDT 2011

I recently upgraded to 10 and applied SP2, thinking this might be time
to make the move, but I constantly encountered misgivings.  And today, I
was told I have an option to switch the editor back 9.3.1 in order to
continue what I am doing (editing a simple polygon layer in a PGDB).  I
am not sure this is the right option.


The problem is the new ArcMap 10 editor.  It constantly "corrupt"
something --- the new edit template, the data layer or something that
would either prohibit editing or cause you to inadvertently edit
something of some layer somewhere because of a corrupt template.  A few
weeks ago, I ended up exporting the entire data layer in order to
continue because I was told the data layer was corrupt (by it?) and
today, I was told I have an option to switch back the editor to 9.3? 


I am not sure what I miss.  Does anyone have something to share? 




Yurong Tan, PhD

Program Analyst (GIS)

Office of Healthcare Inspections (54B)

VA Office of Inspector General

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