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Tue Nov 1 18:20:09 EDT 2011

Hey Shruggers,


Has anyone had much experience with getting web map apps to run
correctly and efficiently in IE9?


The applications I have in house will run great on Chrome and FF, but I
have not been able to get them to run very well in IE7/8/9, IE will
either not apply the styling or the load stalls when it encounters the
termination of a query task that is written to a dojo element.


All of the apps I have in house generate their lists of layers/features
dynamically from the database tables when the applications load.


I've also found two (2) apps (there may be more) that were created by
Esri that will not work in IE7/8/9:


One common thread among all of these is that they leverage query tasks
that terminate in dojo elements, i.e. drop down list, tab container,
accordion container, dojo chart, etc.


Anyone else have similar experiences? Or have any thoughts on the




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