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Tue Nov 15 16:03:33 EST 2011

Hi Shruggies,


As Co-Chairs of the 2011 SHRUG Workshop, Erin and I would like to thank
everyone who attended the workshop. We hope you had a great time and we
look forward to seeing many of you next year at the SHRUGinars and 2012
workshop. We would also like to take a moment to thank the committee for
their dedication and hard work. 


I'm sure many of you noticed Duane "JT" Treadon (or Noodles, as we've
recently learned he prefers) behind the video camera during the Keynote
and Panel discussion. We should be uploading those videos on our website
for those who could not attend the workshop or would like to view them
again. I'd like to send out my sincerest thanks to Duane for traveling
all the way from Thomasville, GA to provide us with recording
capabilities and saving the organization hundreds of dollars. 


If you would like to participate in the 2012 workshop planning, please
contact myself or the incoming President of SHRUG, Mike Kissane, for
details on our meetings. We would love to have you! If you have any
questions, suggestions, or comments, please send them to
workshop at We read every single email we receive. We will
also be sending a survey regarding the workshop in the very near future.


Thank you again!


Janelle Brown and Erin Emmons,

2011 SHRUG Workshop Co-Chairs


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