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Thu Sep 1 08:47:07 EDT 2011

I was forced to resample the monster graphic and double its size on
output to get the banner printed - until....


I learned that HP has a new, free product called eShare from Kevin

This utility made it far easier to plot the huge banner.  


The utility is also designed to store graphics on a common web-base

I was able to add the enormous JPEG file directly. It takes Autodesk DWF
files too.  

The colors were more vibrant when the plotter was controlled by eprint
than they were from my resampled image. 


Chip Birdsong can still find a setting for rasterizing on the computer
in his driver set.  That's what I was looking for from the start, but I
still can find no reference to it on the current HPGL2 or PostScript
drivers for the Z6100

I could turn off queuing on the plotter and tell it to start printing
instantly - but it would not print the large file from Corel or ArcGIS
by streaming data. 

I tried copying a 10 MB RTL file  with directed output to the plotter
with queuing off but it still would not plot it.  

It seems to be related to file size, but it shouldn't care about size
when a file is streamed.  

I have  streamed plot data in the past from machines running SunOS, OS/2
and Windows .   


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