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Seats are still available for the ArcGIS Desktop 3: Analysis & Workflows
<>  class
scheduled for September 13 through 14 at Keck & Wood's Training Center
in Duluth, Georgia. This 2 day official Esri instructor led course shows
students how to apply ArcGIS tools in a workflow context with a focus on
working with data stored in a geodatabase and performing geo-processing
and analysis. See the course description below for more details. 


This class can be used as education credits toward getting or
maintaining the GISP certification <> . Some states
and organizations will also accept them a Continuing Education or
Professional Development hours. 


ArcGIS Desktop 3: Analysis & Workflows

Dates: September 13 - 14, 2011

Location: Keck & Wood Training Center, Duluth, GA

Software: ArcGIS Desktop 10 (ArcView, ArcEditor & ArcInfo)



This two-day official Esri developed course builds on the skills learned
in the ArcGIS Desktop 2: Tools & Functionality
<>  course.
It shows students how to apply ArcGIS tools in a workflow context with a
focus on working with data stored in a geodatabase and performing
geoprocessing and analysis. In the course exercises, you organize and
edit data stored in a geodatabase, prepare data for analysis, create and
edit geoprocessing models using ModelBuilder, and work through a
challenging analysis project. 


Target Audience:

This course is for those that wish to learn more about performing
analysis using geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS. Students must have
completed the ArcGIS Desktop 2 course or have equivalent experience.


Course Goals:

After successfully completing this course users will have acquired a
number of new skills including:

*        Add data from different sources to a geodatabase. 

*        Create subtypes and use them when editing data. 

*        Validate geodatabase feature geometry and attributes. 

*        Edit data using a geodatabase topology. 

*        Create and edit geodatabase annotation. 

*        Create and edit metadata using a template. 

*        Create custom symbols and style sheets. 

*        Create and apply a custom map template. 

*        Run analysis tools using dialog boxes and models. 

*        Build a complex model using Model Builder. 



The cost to attend this two day class is $850.00. Discounts are
available for organizations that send 2 or more student or that bundle
this class with other training courses. 


For more information or to register please contact me.


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