shrug-l: Reminder: Aerial Imagery Workshop on Monday, 9/26 in Tallahassee

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Thu Sep 22 20:51:11 EDT 2011

Please consider attending one of the upcoming regional workshops.  


These workshops will be an opportunity for you to address your specific
needs and concerns directly to the project team. If you would like to attend
one of the workshops please let us know via e-mail to:


The meetings will run from 9:30 to Noon at the following locations:

                Sept 26: Tallahassee                            Burns
Building Auditorium, 605 Suwannee St.
                Sept 27  West Palm Beach                 SFWMD B-1
Auditorium, 3301 Gun Club Road
                Oct 4:     Orlando                                 Turnpike
Enterprise HQ, Auditorium A
                Oct 5:     Palatka                                   SJRWMD,
Gov Board Meeting Room 4049 Reid St/SR 100 West


The meeting agenda will be focused primarily on giving you an opportunity to
express your thoughts and feelings about aerial imagery.  The agenda will

1.        Overview of CAP Grant Efforts

a.        Introduce project vision and goals

b.	Define process and expectations  

c.        Process Overview Presentation

2.       Discuss Preliminary Survey Results

3.	Aerial Imagery Definitions 

4.       Input to Business Plan (facilitated discussion)

a.	What is working well today in aerial imagery programs?
b.	What is not working or could be improved?
c.	What opportunities are presented by successful coordination of
imagery acquisition?
d.	What will Florida lack if we do not implement an effective
cooperative aerial imagery program?

5.       More Input to Business Plan (facilitated discussion)

a.	What are the 'business drivers' for aerial imagery in your
b.	What are your key imagery initiatives for the next 5 years?
c.	What benefits (tangible and intangible) has your organization seen
from aerial imagery programs? 
d.	What are your primary aerial imagery data needs (resolution,
accuracy, collection schedule)?
e.	Identify your critical problems or obstacles to successfully
acquiring aerial imagery meeting you needs 

6.       Summarize Session and discuss next steps

Additional information about the project can be found at:


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


I look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming workshops,




Martin Roche, CEcD, GISP


GeoPlanning Services LLC


mroche at

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Fax     (407) 608-3690

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