shrug-l: Retrieving the y-intercept and slope from a least squares trend function

Greg Mauldin MauldinG at
Fri Apr 6 11:11:58 EDT 2012

Hi All,

I have been working with graphing temporal water chemistry data using ArcGIS 10, Service Pack 2. I have created some very pretty graphs and have included a trend function on the graph. I'm assuming that this is a least-squares linear trend function, (ESRI doesn't specify). The Y-axis represents the water chemistry parameter (usually ppm) and the X-axis is the sample date.  I would like to retrieve the Y-intercept and the slope of the trend line. Does anyone know how to do it, or compute it from the temporal table records? I have attached a screenshot of the graph.

Thanks for the help Shruggies!

Greg Mauldin, GISP
GIS Project Manager
Tallahassee-Leon County GIS
Leon County Courthouse
301 S Monroe St, Room P313-F
Tallahassee, FL 32301
maulding at
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