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For any application developers out there, ISC is hosting a technical webinar on Wednesday, April 25th focused on building HTML5 apps with modern tools like MapDotNet, jQuery, PhoneGap and KnockOut JS.  Here are the details:

Join ISC on April 25th for a webinar focused on how to build engaging map-centric apps in HTML5 with MapDotNet.  This event is targeted at application developers with advanced skills in mapping/GIS applications with technology like Silverlight, WPF, AJAX or Flash.

We'll skip all of the background information on where HTML5 is today and dive right into the technical details of architecting and building HTML5 mapping apps.  This event will cover advanced topics like:

* Understanding the MapDotNet HTML5 map control SDK methods and properties.

* Leveraging modern .js frameworks like jQuery, KnockOut and PhoneGap tools to simply development.

* Integrating MapDotNet REST services and consumer map services like Bing, MapQuest Open or OpenStreetMap.

* Demo of features like drawing/digitizing and displaying geographic data on the client.

Following this webinar, you'll be armed with a powerful set of tools for building any type of advanced mapping solution in HTML5.

**Click here to register**<>  (

Event: Building Killer Mapping Apps in HTML5

Date: Wednesday 4/25/2012 3:00 PM EDT

Please let me know if you have any questions, hope to see you then!


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