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GIS4EconomicDevelopment 8-Hr Workshop, May 24, 2012

Offered by the Georgia Tech Research Institute | GIS at GTRI Program

Economic development agencies and professionals use data and Geographic
Information Systems (GIS) to retain, grow, and attract businesses and to
market their community, regions and states. Is your Economic Development
story up to date? 

With the advent of Google maps, countless analytical tools including GIS,
and access to BIG data through the Internet, the robust detail you can use
to tell an economic development story has increased exponentially. 

The GIS4EconomicDevelopment hands-on course will:

.         Introduce you to the concept of thinking geospatially

.         Take you on a dive into resources and tools available to enable
disparate data to be put together and used most effectively

.         Offer hands on experience, practice the art of telling a new
economic development story with geotechnologies with special emphasis on
site suitability and demographic analyses

Spaces limited. REGISTER NOW:


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