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Next week I am teaching an ArcGIS Desktop 2: Tools
<> &
Functionality Class. The class is being held on April 23-25 in Norcross
Georgia. This class still has a few remaining seats if you are interested. 


This three day course teaches the range of functionality available in the
ArcGIS desktop software and the essential tools for visualizing, creating,
managing, and analyzing geographic data. This hands-on course uses exercises
to emphasize practice with ArcMap and ArcCatalog (the primary applications
included with ArcGIS Desktop software) to perform common GIS tasks and
workflows. The tools for creating and managing geographic data, displaying
data on maps in different ways, and combining and analyzing data to discover
patterns and relationships are highlighted, and students learn how ArcGIS
Desktop provides a complete GIS software solution. By the end of the course,
students will be prepared to start working with the software on their own.


The cost for the course is $1,325.00 per student. I am willing to offer a
10% discount to all SHRUG Members. Just make sure to indicate you are a
SHRUG member on your registration form. Additional discounts are available
for organizations that register two or more people. This course can be used
as education points toward getting and maintaining the GISP certification.
Other Professional Certifications may also accept it.  Please contact me at
training at if you would like to register or want more


Student Feedback

"The class material covered information that I use every day at work. I
better understand how to apply the class work to GIS concepts using
different GIS techniques. Tripp Corbin is a Great Instructor! He is very
knowledgeable of the material and he presented it on a level so you can
understand it.  Thank you so much for providing me with information to help
me better understand the Tools and Functionality in ArcGIS that I use in my
work place." - Jeri Anderson - Environmental Health Technician - ATSDR/CDC


"Very well-done course for professionals. I had received some previous
training at a graduate school level, several years ago, and this course did
a much better job of providing real applications and workflows that I can
use in completing projects. Tripp did a great job of making the material
easy to understand and encouraging participation. Also, he made a special
effort to include examples based upon the work that the students hope to
complete using GIS, and he also included some additional information and
workflows based upon the actual applications that we would require for our
work." - Erin Murphy - GIS Analyst


Tripp Corbin, MCP, CFM, GISP | Chief Executive Officer
 <> eGIS Associates, Inc.

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