shrug-l: viewing parcels against Bing imagery in ArcMap 10

Tim Spivey tim.spivey at
Mon Apr 23 15:59:22 EDT 2012

Hello Shruggers -


Could somebody out there with ArcMap 10 do us a favor?


Before buying the new Bing 30cm imagery for our county, I'm trying to
get a handle on how our vector features would line up on the Bing
rasters. We're still on ArcMap 931 (and happy).


If I provide a clipped 2x2mile area of our parcel fabric, could someone
with AM 10 load it onto Bing imagery and send me a screen shot of the
area? I'll try attaching it to this post ...



Tim Spivey


Tift County Tax Assessors    



"Life is transitory; the topographer must pretend to live in a world
without bulldozers"


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