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Looks like Esri is planning another Service pack for ArcGIS 10. This will be
the 4th Service Pack for 10. It will address several issues. Here are a few
that might be of some interest:


.        Changes to layer names inside a group layer file are not
saved/persisted when ArcCatalog is closed.

.        ArcMap crashes intermittently when editing while GPS connection is

.        GPS Toolbar does not recognize COM ports over 9.

.        Projecting annotation from a file geodatabase feature dataset
causes the text to draw a huge distance away from the proper location in the
output.  This is also reproducible in a personal geodatabase and data in

.        ArcMap crashes with runtime error when reconciling certain child
versions with default

.        Layer with marker fill symbol loses its background color when
adding to basemap layer with symbol level turned on.

.        ArcPy local function tools do not accept a Mosaic dataset layer in
the TOC as input

.        When composite locator is created in the ArcSDE database, long
property names cause it to fail

.        Synchronizing a one-way replica is crashing ArcCatalog and ArcMap

.        Synchronization fails while checking in the edits from a file

.        When running the Spatial Analyst > Hydrology > Fill tool and
specifying a Z limit, ArcGIS Version 10 SP2 fills less sinks than ArcGIS
Version 9.3.1 SP2.

.        Applying a Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) grid 1:500,000
reference system to a data frame with non-WGS84 datum crashes the software

.        When reconciling certain versions that are involved in a Parcel
Fabric, the error returned is, "Version could not be reconciled," with no
extended description.

.        Export metadata to FGDC CSDGM format: when an item's spatial
reference uses parameter names that are all lower case, the projection
parameters are not exported

.        Reconciling a version with its parent version corrupts the
geometric network connectivity

.        When map tips are enabled, the Hyperlink tool's cursor no longer
turns black when hovering over a hyperlinked feature


Those are just a few issues the service pack will address that I found
interesting. There are 7 pages of issues addressed with SP 4. For a complete
list of the issues SP 4 is to address go to:



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