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The odd oblique view angle Google chose as default makes the facades of
buildings visible but did add a great deal of distortion as they
incorporated on wide areas.  For GIS people, that's an odd choice.  For
people trying to find a Yogurt shop, I suppose it has application. 

Turning off the oblique view obviates some problems, but doesn't solve
them all. Unless the Google wizards, like Santa Clause, flew the entire
globe [or at least each continent]  in one da, then seamlessly and
perfectly geocoded it into a single data set,  I suspect problems will
still crop up and carefully executed local DOP flights and a
goal-directed GIS will better serve those needing specific local

Still, it's pretty good for something that's almost free. 
You do understand that each use of Google [or Twitter or Amazon]
captures just a little bit more of your soul [and your bank account,
credit cards and intellect] - until eventually, you fade into the
digital realm  and out of reality?  

Small price.  No one else seems to bidding on my soul. 
What happened to the good old days when Satan would offer all the riches
and pleasures of the earth?  Now the most I get is an offer for a single
free MP3 download.  

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One thing to note. It appears the offset with Google is caused by the
new 45 degree view. Once this is turned off, the roads display

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