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February 22, 2012 (Des Plaines, IL) - URISA invites experienced geospatial
professionals of all kinds - particularly those with management experience -
to review and comment on a draft Geospatial Management Competency Model
(GMCM). Reviews by GIS professionals, professional surveyors,
photogrammetrists and remote sensing scientists, programmers and application
developers who specialize in geospatial applications, educators with
specialized expertise in Geographic Information Science and Technology, and
others whose work relies on geospatial technologies and data analysis are
all welcome to participate.

A URISA Task Force prepared the draft for the U.S. Department of Labor's
Employment and Training Administration (DOLETA). Reviews will be reported to
the Task Force and DOLETA, and will used to refine and validate the GMCM.
Reviewers who share contact information will also receive results of the
public review as well as copies of the revised GMCM.

Links to the draft GMCM and an online questionnaire for reviewers are
available at The questionnaire will remain
open through March 31, 2012.

The Geospatial Management Competency Model (GMCM) specifies 74 essential
competencies and 17 competency areas that characterize the work of most
successful managers in the geospatial industry. 

The GMCM builds upon DOLETA's Geospatial Technology Competency Model, which
specifies the foundational, industry-wide, and industry sector-specific
expertise characteristic of the various occupations that comprise the
geospatial industry

URISA convened a task force composed of ten experienced geospatial managers
and one facilitator at the 2011 GIS-Pro Conference in Indianapolis to
produce the GMCM for the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training
Administration (DOLETA). 

URISA's qualifications to organize the GMCM effort include its nearly
50-year history as one of the founding organizations of the GIS profession,
its successful organization of the GIS Certification Institute and the URISA
Leadership Academy, and its healthy working relationships with other
professional and scientific associations in the geospatial field through the
Coalition on Geospatial Organizations (COGO).


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