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Are you trying to create a geodatabase for your group? Want to use some of
the Geodatabase data validation options such as topologies, subtypes or
domains but aren't sure exactly how? Are you trying to transition away from
shapefiles? Are you trying to model your street or utility network? Then the
Geodatabases, Linear Referencing
& Geometric Networks class we are holding in March is just what you need. 


This 3 day course is designed to introduce users to Esri's Geodatabase
format. This GIS data format provides enhanced tools for data creation, data
modeling, and data validation. Participants will learn how to design, create
and manage Geodatabases. At the end of the course, students will have an
in-depth understanding of the Geodatabase structure and Geodatabase tools
for creating and editing data while maintaining data integrity, and will
develop a solid foundation for future development into SDE. These tools
include subtypes and domains, topology, linear referencing (routes), and
Geometric Networks.  


Course Topics: 

.        Geodatabase concepts and basics

.        Converting data to the Geodatabase format

.        Understanding Spatial References & Coordinate Systems

.        Validating attributes with Domains/Subtypes

.        Validating features with Topology

.        Editing with the Geodatabase

.        Spatial Adjustment & Attribute Transfer

.        Geometric Networks

.        Editing Networks

.        Network Analysis

.        Working with routes

.        Linking to external database  



Cost is $1,350.00. Register before the close of business on Feb 24 and save
$175.00 off the normal price


Discounts are available for organizations that send 2 or more students.



This course was created and will be taught by John Schaeffer, GISP. John has
over 25 years of experience in technical education and 16 years of
experience using and teaching GIS and is certified as a GISP through the GIS
Certification Institute and is an ESRI authorized consultant and instructor.
John regularly develops and teaches hands-on GIS classes in ArcGIS, Spatial
Analyst, and Geodatabases. He


Please contact me to register or if you have any questions. 


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