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From: Tim Spivey
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Katherine -

Here's my example, "worst map pdf" based on one done by our regional agency (who are supposed to be GIS professionals).
My comments would be:
1. Trying to show too much data in one map
2. Bad use of layer symbology - chioice of color set & line weights
3. Too crowded - not enough white space
4. Un-original use of default text elements in legend
5. Grammar mistake in legend
6. Scale bar intervals

Years ago, a graphics pro told me "white space is your friend" - and it still is even in the digital world.

I have also uploaded a "better map jpg" to YouSendIt.com, illustrating how I would have designed the map.

- Tim

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Hello everyone,
I am compiling examples of terrible maps so I can show my students what not to do.  I welcome any and all example you want to send me or point me to.  I will use them to prepare a lecture on how not to make a map.  Anyone interested in getting the presentation just let me know.


Katherine Milla, Phd, GISP
Center for Water and Air Quality
103B Perry-Paige Bldg
Tallahassee, FL  32307

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