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GA URISA meeting in Southwest Ga. 


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March 2012 South Georgia URISA Sub Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, March 21, 2012



Georgia URISA is pleased to announce the next Sub Chapter luncheon,
scheduled on Wednesday, March 21st from 11:30AM to 1:30PM. This event
is co-hosted by The City of Thomasville and Thomas University and will
be held at Thomas University's Campus Center located at 1501 Millpond
Rd., Thomasville, GA 31792. Click  <> here for location map


Topic: University based GIS lab helps regional community.

Speakers: Dr. Christine Ambrose, Professor of Conservation/Biology and
GAPP Center Director and Misty Penton, Professor of Anthropology

 The presentation will highlight the Geospatial Analysis Planning &
Preservation (GAPP) Center/GIS Lab which is at the heart of the newly
developed Natural & Cultural Resource Management (NCRM) Program at Thomas University.

Through the GAPP Center, Geographic Information System (GIS) and
Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is available to students and faculty through classes, internships, research and work experience from grant and contract opportunities.

The GAPP Center provides opportunities for students to learn and participate in the application of geospatial information-gathering, mapping, planning and problem solving to develop their expertise in preparation for careers in the fields of biology, anthropology, archaeology, conservation, and natural and cultural resource management.

In addition, The GAPP Center partners with local, regional and select international entities that need expertise in geospatial  information-gathering, mapping, planning, protection, and problem-solving through formal agreements and/or contracts.

Speaker Bio:

Misty Penton:
Educational Background:
M.S. Anthropology University of Oregon B.S. Anthropology and B.S.
Political Science Florida State University Professional Expertise /
Area(s) of Teaching and/or Practice:
Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Physical/Biological Anthropology,
Archaeology, Geography, Archaeological analysis and recovery of human
remains (forensic), Human Osteology, Paleopathology, Dental
Anthropology, Human Evolution, Southeastern Prehistoric and Historic
Archaeology, Southeastern Native American Cultural Traditions,
Cultural Ecology, Political Anthropology, Politics and Democracy,
Politics and Advocacy

Research Interests and Significant Professional Accomplishments

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Supervised collection of SEAC Human Remains for reburial.
Bioarchaeology in the Southeast: Mangum, Mississippi. Uses Native American human remains to identify agriculturalist populations based on pathological profiles. To be published in an upcoming special edition of "Mississippi Archaeology" edited by Marvin Jeter.
Shellfish Exploitation at Boiler Bay-Oregon Coastal native use of shellfish due out this February in "Oregon Archaeology".
Historic Brick Quarry in Metcalf, GA, ongoing TU field school project.
Fred George Basin Greenway Project- from development to park; two
grants totaling $5.1 million for land acquisition and a coalition of
over 100,000 folks including the original developers.




Subchapter meetings are held quarterly. They are intended to provide educational and networking opportunities. Most luncheons are orchestrated according to the following agenda:








	Lunch and Networking




	News and Announcements







Professional Activity Hours:

You can earn 2 activity hours towards the GISP certification by attending this event.



Lunch will be provided. There will not be a cost associated with this meeting.




To Register for this event click here <> . Members enter email address at the bottom of this page and click register. Non-Members please complete the registration form at the bottom of the event page and email address.


Additional Information or Questions:

If you need more information, please contact Sherri Shreiner <mailto:Sherri.Schreiner at> , Georgia URISA North Georgia Sub-Chapter Chair.

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