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If you find value from this list, the annual workshop and other SHRUG
activities, I want to encourage you to volunteer and take part in this
meeting. As someone that is active in many volunteer organizations, I can
tell you an organization is only as good or as strong as its volunteers. New
volunteers bring new ideas, knowledge and experience. Without new blood to
step up and lend a hand, the organization will stagnate. 


Volunteering for organizations like SHRUG are a great way to network with
some of the best and brightest. You will get to work with those that share
your passion for GIS and develop a group of professional friends that can be
a great resource as you move forward in your GIS career. It is also a great
way to earn points for your GISP.


You will find being an active volunteer for SHRUG or other professional
organizations to be a very rewarding experience. Trust me as someone the is
currently serving on one local groups broad, one international groups board,
three or more committees and an active member of multiple professional
organizations across several states, it is worth doing.  


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Good Afternoon,


The next SHRUG Workshop Committee Meeting is Tuesday, March 13th from 2-4
PM.  We are looking for new volunteers and invite everyone to come out and
participate in the meeting.  


The meeting is held at the Myer's Park Community Center - 912 Myers Park
Drive.  Please park across the street.  If you need more information or
directions call Mike Kissane at 850-212-4237.




SHRUG Board of Directors


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