shrug-l: FW: ArcGIS Server Bug - ArcGIS .NET Web ADF/VS2010/IE9

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I got this from another list and thought I would pass it along here.  See below.


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Hope no one is having this issue or the like but wanted to pass this along just in case.


I've been battling an issue and ESRI has finally logged it as a bug.  


#NIM079062  Visual Studios 2010 crashes when trying to modify the LayerDefinition of a Map Resource Manager control on a machine with Internet Explorer 9 installed.


If your using Visual Studio 2010 and using ArcGIS .NET Web ADF controls with IE9 installed, you may experience issues with not being able to edit the controls.  In this case I was trying to edit the layer definitions for a map resource item in the map resource manager.  Upon clicking the ellipse to open the layer properties window, the window will open and close abruptly and then VS will bomb out.  Solution at this time is to not use IE9.



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