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Hi all and welcome to another fun filled week.  I've got a question about eSolution ideas for local government.  We are currently transitioning from an "independent department" based GIS (each dept. did its own thing with no data connection) to an enterprise system.  During this transition and building time we feel it beneficial to review the various software packages being used by our departments and explore opportunities for combination of software functions into a single package.  As example our Planning Dept. is using EnerGOV for plan review, licensing, and permitting.  Operations is using Vueworks for asset management and workflow/order development (not fully implemented).  We also use QAlert as a notification and reporting platform.

My interest is in reviewing each of these software packages, determine if they are meeting the intended needs for the department, examining annual costs, determine cross departmental functionality (with modules not used since it was not a need for original department who implemented software package), and to evaluate benefit vs. cost to our city.

I know that there is no one magic software solution that will meet every department's needs but I am interested in identifying several that might come close.  So to my question for the list.  What total government (or close to that) solutions have you used?  What ones worked, what ones not so much?  We are currently focusing our attention on a software solution that combines planning, land use, permitting, licensing, assets management, internal/external work order generation/tracking and tied to our enterprise GIS.  So basically taking the best of  EnerGOV, Vueworks, and QAlert and putting it into one software solution that seamlessly communicates from one function to another.

Thoughts, ideas, products to consider, products to say away from and general comments are greatly appreciated.


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