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Good morning,

Esri has been busy working to fix issues with ArcGIS by releasing a patch
for SP 4 and planning the release of Service Pack 5. With the pending
release of ArcGIS 10.1, Service Pack 5 might be the last update big for
ArcGIS 10.0. That is just a guess on my part. However based on my past
experience it think it is a pretty good one. I would expect only minor
patches to address major problems after Service Pack 5 is released.


Service Pack 4, released in March, fixed over 7 pages of issues with ArcGIS
(Desktop, Server, Engine, Mobile, & SDE). It also caused a few. One of the
biggest being Spatial Joins no longer worked. Esri has recently released a
patch to fix this issue. Click here to read more


Esri is planning to release Service Pack 5 for ArcGIS 10 in July. While not
as big as Service Pack 4, it only addresses 4 pages of issues, it will
include all the patches for issues caused by Service Pack 4 plus many more.
To find out more about the issues planned to be addressed in this latest
service pack for ArcGIS 10, click here to visit our new Blog
<> .


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