shrug-l: MrSID compression help

Tim Spivey tim.spivey at
Wed May 16 11:46:34 EDT 2012

Hello campers -


We may need to run MrSID compression on Bing/DigitalGlobe orthos, but do
not have the necessary Lizardtech software (or $3000 for a license).


Would any of you good folks be able to do a one-off compression for us?
Our E-911 system (Interact) can only use MrSID generation 2 imagery.


At this time, I have no idea how large the source TIFF would be, only
that we're considering 1100km2 of 30cm 3band imagery (Lizardtech sales
estimated 80-90gigs).



Tim Spivey

Tift County    


"Life is transitory; the topographer must pretend to live in a world
without bulldozers"


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