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eGIS Associates is holding an ArcGIS Desktop 1: Getting to know GIS class on
June 5-6 in the Duluth area. This two-day Esri developed course provides the
foundation for understanding GIS, what it can do, and how others are using
it. Students learn the basic functions of a GIS, why a GIS database is
powerful, and what coordinate systems and map projections are and why they
are important. 


I will be teaching this course. For those that may not know me, I have over
20 years of GIS, mapping and surveying related experience. In addition, I am
an Esri Certified Trainer and Comptia Certified Trainer. I have worked with
several different software packages over the course of my career including
AutoCAD, Microstation, ArcView GIS, ArcInfo Workstation, MapGuide, ArcGIS
Desktop and ArcGIS Server. I try to incorporate real world experience into
each class geared to the task performed by students while also making
learning fun. For more information click on the link below. 


Here is some student feedback from recent sessions of this same class:


"This course was very helpful to understanding how GIS data can be used in
my job field. Tripp Corbin did an excellent job of involving us and using
examples that relate to me specifically." - Nkenge Jones-Jack, Lead
Epidemiologist LSU School of Public Health

"I thought the course and instructor were excellent. I basically walked into
the course with no knowledge of ArcGIS and feel that I have acquired a very
good basic knowledge of ArcGIS. I definitely want to take additional courses
to improve my knowledge." - Charles Acker, Senior Exploration Geologist
Iluka Resources 

"Very well presented and thought out. Information is pertinent to activities
I perform on a daily basis. Tripp was very well informed on the product and
processes involved. He was willing to provide extra assistance where needed
and encouraged participation from the entire class. He used common, easily
understandable examples and made sure the presented information was
understood before proceeding." - Bryan Hamrick, GIS Technician City of



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