shrug-l: 9.3.2 floating license problem

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The new license manager appears to work fine for version 10.0 and later, but not sure how it would work with 9.3.1 or earlier versions.  When you install desktop version 10, you would be forced to upgrade the license manager to 10 also.  The culprit may lie in the version difference between the license manager and the desktop.

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Yurong Tan

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Asking for help on following issue:

We replaced our server with a new server with a new name for server. Obtained new keycode from ESRI and installed our license manger and installed dongle key. ArcMap 9.3.1 opened for the briefest of moments and then shut down on users computer. ArcGis desktop administrator indicates license manager located on server and the appropriate number of licenses available. License manager is appropriate version for 9.3.1. Tried reinstall of ArcMap. It worked at 9.3 stage. After installing 9.3.1 update the software would not stay open. As user, I have no admin rights on my machine, help desk folk have no admin rights on server. Have to coordinate our efforts. We have not contacted ESRI with problem as yet, our support program lapsed . Anyone have a similar problem and a resolution?

Fred K
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