shrug-l: Geocoding in ArcGIS - Place Name Alias Tables and Spelling Sensitivity

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Recently, I saw a question come across one of the many GIS email lists I am
on asking about whether or not the spelling sensitivity setting in an
Address Locator also worked with addresses located using names and a Place
Name Alias table in ArcGIS. This question intrigued me because though I have
done my share of geocoding over the years, I have not used place name
aliases much. I was unsure how this would work so I decided to do some


I just posted an article with my results and method of my testing at The long and short of it was,
when geocoding within ArcGIS, the Spelling sensitivity setting has no effect
on achieving matches if the location you are trying to identify is called
out by a place name instead of an address. The name in the address table
must match the spelling in the Place name alias table exactly or it will not
generate a match. However capitalization does not seem to matter based on my


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