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I can't remember if I shared this or not already. URISA has just released
the Second Edition of its publication, "Model GIS Job Descriptions" as an
electronic publication. The publication provides valuable information for
individuals who hire GIS staff. The publication, authored by J. Allison
Butler, provides guidance to GIS managers in how to draft job descriptions
and to human resource professionals by describing aspects of the GIS field
that need to be accommodated in job descriptions and organizational

Some of the important questions addressed:


*	How do you write up job descriptions to staff your GIS department?
*	What is the typical hierarchy of positions within a GIS department?
*	What are the essential job functions, education, experience,
knowledge, skills and abilities required at each level?


The publication is available for purchase through URISA's website and is
offered in digital (ePub*) format for easy download and flexible
accessibility. Visit for
details and purchase information. 

Keri Brennan, GISP
URISA Education Manager
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